Monday, 9 January 2012

Reflecting on the first term, by the Parent

Well, the first full term is over with and could probably not have asked for more in terms of progress for my son and support from the school, so I'm not sure if there is not a great deal to write!  But I am loquacious by nature, so tough!

Firstly, Robert managed the Nativity!  Even managing some of the songs and actions and avoiding joining in with the boy next to him who was very hyperactive and finding it all a bit too much!  However, seeing other perform so confidently around him does highlight the obvious differences that will always be there.  This is  my continual worry: at the moment in Primary 1, lack of interaction, not understanding  instructions and poor comprehension are accepted; by Primary 3, I worry that these differences will become much more obvious and he will be much further behind.  In the meantime, both at school and at home, we are trying to do everything to prepare my son for the “real world”. 

At school, I accepted the invitation to attend my son’s Additional Support Plan review meeting, which was held before the end of the term.  I would be interested to know how many parents usually come along, not because they do not care but not sure how much the school encourages it (or sees it as worthwhile).  I understand this: they maybe do not want to worry the parents unnecessarily, but I think we must have ultimate responsibility, no matter how hard the truth or difficult the task.  At the meeting I am once again impressed by the knowledge of my son and their willingness to discuss next steps, so I try to be as open and supportive as possible. 

At home, I am probably more harsh on my son than a parent would be with a boy of 6 who did not have his difficulties.  I keep things pretty strict (though with lots of cuddles) , very clear boundaries, in a bid to make him used to this for the outside world.  However, he is an incredibly affectionate young boy which is lovely for me and makes me hope he will endear himself to others as well.

Christmas holidays have been very nice, though possibly I was too lax in my Bin Weevil’s computer timings and we may have gone past the allowed half hour slot several times!  My son also got a DS and the family were given a Wii so we have been rather surrounded in the electronic.  Perhaps not the best for someone like him, so it is good that they are back to school tomorrow…

Written by Robert's mum