Thursday, 18 August 2011

The first day of school, by the Class Teacher

Robert settled very well in his new school environment and felt familiar with the surroundings, I think it helped a lot that Miss Brodie had been bringing him over for a visit to my classroom (whilst he was in nursery) before the summer holidays.  He joined in during our circle time and told the group that he liked going to the park.  We then had a colouring task to do and Robert chose red - his 'favourite'!  He asked if he could use all the colours and was delighted when I said "Of course!"  Robert was considerate of his peers and understood that when someone else is talking, he needs to wait his turn.

Jimmy had a good first day at school, he was a little unfamiliar with what to do with himself at first but he followed direction from the other boys and girls.  He happily sat on the carpet but I am not sure if he was really paying attention to what I was saying (even though I would remind him etc).

During circle time Jimmy wasn't sure what to say and repeated what the person next to him had said, although he did remember to say his name.  He was happy to colour his picture and when he was finished he chose to do a puzzle (which he did very efficiently!).  His communication may be a problem and at the moment I sometimes have difficulty understanding what he is saying.  He tends to just speak using single words and not in sentences.

Written by Mrs Irvine

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