Thursday, 15 March 2012

After the second Parents' Evening, by the Parent

I am beginning to feel like a fraud and am honestly struggling for things to write at the moment, but keen to update the blog at useful intervals to give our perspective.  Last week there was a Parents' Evening and I  could not have been more pleased by what was being said.  I am going to relish it, as not sure this will happen again! It was very positive as regards his literacy and numeracy and even that he is trying at points to interact with others at playtime.  This is so much better than I had hoped as I think, as a parent of a pupil with extra needs, you do often try to protect yourself by preparing for the worst. 

For example, several weeks ago my mobile phone went and it was my son’s Support for Learning Teacher.  I could feel my stomach turn in anxiety, sure it was some bad news about his behaviour.  But no!  The phone call was to ask if it was okay for Robert to do some extra work with a Learning Assistant who is interested in numbers!  We discussed maybe looking at the language that surrounds numbers and I explained his current fascination for space.  I mean, really, could I ask for any more from this school?  Which is another reason why I feel like a fraud.  Am I honestly reflecting a typical mainstream experience for an autistic child?  Surely this is an example of best practice and we have been incredibly lucky to have our son in this school at this time with this sort of support?

As always I am cautious and realistic about the future, things will become noticeable but we will help our son with that when it comes.  At the moment, I cannot ask for more from the school and his experience seems incredibly positive at this time.  

Written by Robert's mum

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  1. I'm really pleased that Robert's mum is feeling positive about his experiences at school. Robert might be on the autistic spectrum and require additional support for that, but he is also a very keen and gifted mathematician. At the school we realise we have to cater for both additional support needs.