Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The day before the first review meeting, by the Parent

Full days are go, but the first review beckons….

Tomorrow we have our first review for our son and I have absolutely no idea how it will go!  He gives me no indication of what he does in school and getting any information is like pulling teeth.  I am assured that this is normal behaviour for all children, as my husband says, "First rule of school is what happens in school stays in school."  However, I am not convinced that my son chooses not to tell us,  I think he cannot tell us.  I don’t believe his “I can’t remember” answer to everything.  So, that is something I need to discuss, a way to communicate with the school  about what he has been doing and how we can support him at home.  I think other schools can use a home/school diary to good effect; however, as a teacher, I know only too well the time constraints on everyone.

I am very anxious to find out about how his behaviour has been and certainly feel his concentration will be terrible.  On the plus note, we have not been called in to discuss his behaviour so far (surely a positive sign) and I know he is coping with the reading.

When I turned arch-interrogator again today, he told me that it might be maths he is struggling with, which I am baffled by.  And what is “check-in/checking or chicken!”?

As for the full days: well, he seems to be coping okay.  He was excited at first, but has now worked out this means less computer time at home, so I think would prefer to go back to the half-day thing!  What does he do at lunchtime? Well, eat of course, I am supposed to call it Lunch/Playtime!  I know what he does then too.  There is a large “spinny thing” in their playground and I am pretty sure he spends all of his playtimes making it go round.  I have tried to broach this with Robert about speaking to others and asking what they are doing.  He told me proudly one day he had spoken to someone, I was overcome with excitement: “What did you say?” I asked excitedly. "I said, 'It’s my turn'," he answered. I think this is actually my problem and not his, as he is perfectly happy!

Another plus note: he has been invited to 2 parties.  I think the whole class were but I am grateful.  We have been to the first one - I stayed of course.  He interacted very rarely, but the others seemed to accept him.

It is still very early days and I think the kids may get more wary of him.  At this early stage all are friendly and encouraging, but time will tell and who knows what we will hear at the review tomorrow.

Written by Robert's mum

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