Thursday, 13 October 2011

The review meeting, by the Support for Learning Teacher

The day of the Jimmy's review meeting was nearly five weeks after we saw Jimmy's parents and we all voiced the same concerns.  Since that meeting, the P1s have started to attend school for the full day.  Most of the time, Jimmy falls asleep for a part or most of the afternoon.  He is beginning to soil himself at school too, sometimes multiple times a day.  Overall, Jimmy was continuing to be unsettled in class and at school.  There are some small rays of light, though: Jimmy was granted extra Learning Assistant time to help him with the full days and now another Learning Assistant other than Mrs Brodie works with Jimmy in the afternoons.  Jimmy at times sits, listens to a story and drinks his milk with the rest of the class.  The other children look out for Jimmy and try to engage with him.  It isn't reciprocated, unfortunately.

Jimmy's parents also decided that they were definitely going to protest the rejection of a special school place.  The team around the table (consisting of two Educational Psychologists, a Support Learning Co-ordinator, a Visiting Teacher from the Visiting Teacher and Support Service, Mrs Irvine, Mrs Morris, Mrs Brodie and me) generally agreed with this decision.  After all, most of us had observed or worked with Jimmy in class and agreed that his situation was serious and untenable. 

The team also discussed another, different point: Jimmy being moved to the other P1 classroom.  This move was recommended by Visiting Teacher and Support Service.  The team again discussed the issue and determined that, while we were not sure this would necessarily help Jimmy to settle better, the current situation was so grave that this option must be heeded.  So after the October holidays, Jimmy will move from Mrs Irvine's class to Mrs Mouat's class.

Written by Ms Childs

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