Friday, 4 November 2011

The first two weeks, by the Class Teacher

Jimmy has been in his new class for two weeks now.  I have to say I see a big difference in how he is now and what he was like when he first came in to my class, a fortnight ago.  I really felt for Jimmy that first morning, as he chanted away and ran around the room, clearly unsettled.

However, ov
er the past week I have noticed that Jimmy responds to what I ask him to do and is sitting for longer periods of time. He won’t sit on the carpet preferring a chair but that’s fine. He has a small piece of plasticine that he enjoys playing with and it seems to calm him. 

On Wednesday this week Jimmy went to music.  He sat on my knee and joined in with the games.  It was obvious he was enjoying himself.  Today Jimmy came to our infant assembly again on my knee and managed to stay for the whole time, something he had never been able to do before.  He was enjoying the songs we are learning for our Christmas play and it was good to see.

Jimmy has also started joining in with our little Check-in, in the mornings. That’s where the class sit in a circle and say "Good morning!" to each other and tell how they are feeling that day.

While all this is good, I really hope for Jimmy’s sake that a place is found for him soon in a special unit.  I agree with what the team determined at his review meeting: mainstream is not for him at this time. 

Meanwhile - roll on next week!

Written by Mrs Mouat

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